Slice, Slice is a hero which caries slices wherever he goes, He is undefeated, His skin is invulnerable, He always wins a fight, He never fails, He does not only carry slices, But has the ability to create Twisters, Tornadoes, Tsunamis with both his slices, Slice is pretty much indestructible, He is anti-poisoned, He is different from other mortals, He is special, But there are people stronger that him, much more, They are part of his team, The Billion Rebellion, The strongest of all of this team is Flexybol, and the leaders of this team are Flexybol, Sparx fly, Deflekted, And billions of other members are within the Billion Rebellion, But slice was one of the first people to join the team, Slice and Ruby, and Emerald Woman were the first to join the team, They were concerned to save the world, Most members of this team are children of the 1st members, The members of this team live billions of years, For Flexybol is 1,934,768 years old. Edit

Members of this team are undefeated, There is pretty much no way of killing them, But only most of them are indestructible, Others are normal.

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